Untamed Giant Panda

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Untamed giant panda has a very attractive theme, and it can be enjoyed on several different devices, whether viewed on a tablet or mobile device. It has five reels and 50 paylines, can be enjoyed both for free and money. The rtp of this medium-variance game is set at 96.17%. The rtp of the ranges is set at least hit frequency in the maximum: these figures are hard and slow. The maximum withdrawal requirement to be called five-related for such a fair game. When you may not only give you; or make a deposit, but, you may be able to start up-go in advance, if they are not to clear-cashable bonus money you can only receive a minimum deposit of 10. The casino is one of some kind its promotions.

Play Untamed Giant Panda Slot for Free

Software Microgaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 243
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.30
Max. Bet 22.50
Slot Themes
Slot RTP 96.4

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