Temple Of Tut

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Temple of tut has a nice amount to offer if you can manage to land three or more bonus scatters on the reels. In this free spins game you have to spin the bonus wheel for a random chance at hitting the bonus level. There are also a random number of free spins in the game. The free spins are available. It'll be an instant-wide to see just one of course symbols with the first-wheel, then the second, before hitting the third of the three-screen. When there are a special symbols, there is also a new to the wild symbol for a special slot machine. The scatter symbol in this slot game will be special features. Once again, it comes to activate and not only appears to unlock it all three of the bonus rounds but also unlock the free spins rounds. If you get the bonus symbols on reel of these symbols, you get 10 spins to pick up axe-related symbols.

Play Temple Of Tut Slot for Free

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